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We are a RRP group (Revolutionary Role Play)
Join us today and become the ultimate shinobi as you level up your characters and create and learn new jutsus!

Battle legendary Sannin,or become one yourself! Defeat the Akatsuki or create your own world-scale criminal organization!
Founded 6 Years ago
May 11, 2010


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285 Members
237 Watchers
7,620 Pageviews
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--------------------------:iconjiraiya3plz::iconjiraiya4plz: --------------------------



>>>>>>-We are your ninja family here on dA <3-<<<<<

(Note: To submit art you don't have to create a character nor be a ninja,you can simply just be a member,submitting art is a separate process from Roleplaying)

:bulletyellow:If you can't understand the group here's a simple resume: This group is about creating your own Naruto character,your OC. You start as a Genin ,It's like you were actually being born and living as a Ninja,so,after creating your OC,you start performing actions in order to make yourself stronger for when you battle others,be it in missions or against other members. Below you will have a bunch of instructions,which are all as simplified as possible,if you have ANY questions at all,don't hesitate to ask by commenting the group.


These are the steps you must follow in order to play in the group:

:bulletred: Create your character profile (CP) HOW TO:…

:bulletred: Submit it to our group,to our CPs (Character Profiles) folder.

:bulletred: Wait for our Founders or Co-Founders to approve your character,if approved then,you're ready to go!


"Soo,wtf do I do after that?"

-Well,after having your character approved as an official Konoha Shinobi,then you're ready to start getting Exp and becoming stronger as you progress through the Shinobi Ranks.


"Well,how the hell do I get Exp then?"

-Here's a list of the possible ways to obtain Exp:

:bulletgreen: Submit a Deviation (20 Exp)
:bulletgreen: Create a valid Clan (100 Exp,must be Jounin)
:bulletgreen: Have Someone join your Clan (15 Exp each)
:bulletgreen: Join a Clan yourself (30 Exp)
:bulletgreen: Win a battle (100 Exp)
:bulletgreen: Participate in a casual Roleplay (15 Exp)
:bulletgreen: Comment our group (5 Exp,double comments or SPAM take you 10 Exp)
:bulletgreen: Get your friends to join (20 Exp)
:bulletgreen: Complete Missions (Exp varies)


"Ok sure,cool,so I start as a Genin right? Like Naruto?"

-Yep,a Lv.1 Genin. You originally started as an Academy Student,but that bored the members so. I changed it

"Ah cool,so how much Exp do I need to Rank up?"

-Well,each time you get to 100 Exp,you level up. To become a Chuunin you must be level 20,this is to make members enjoy their current rank before ranking and having not just more powers and such,but more duties. So enjoy your lower ranks and learn from them,so you can be ready for your next one,be it as a character or as a member,since Konoha higher ranks also affect you OOCly (out of character)


"Ok so,how about you tell me all those level requirements"

-That's what I'm here for,here's a list:

:bulletblue: Lv.1 for Genin
:bulletblue: Lv.20 for Chuunin
:bulletblue: Lv.50 for Jounin
:bulletblue: Lv.100 for Sannin
:bulletblue: Lv.500 for a Special Surprise

-Again,don't forget you need 100Exp to level up,the Exp required for you to level up is always the same,so It's natural for someone to be level 3 if they have 200Exp.


"Can we create our own Jutsus?"

-Yep,the process to learning jutsus or creating them is the same,you submit a deviation of the jutsu and if approved then ta da,you just learned it. Of course,when you first submit your character and his/her jutsus,those will affect your character's approval or not. If so,then I'll mention it on the comments,and you either change it or I take a note that you can't use certain jutsus YET.

-Remember,Genin are D/C-Ranked,so they may only learn E,D or C-Ranked Jutsus,like Kawarimi (Substituiton) If you're having trouble knowing what Rank is this or that jutsu,you can ask the Founders OR visit Narutopedia,or watch a Naruto episode and see who uses it,but be careful,Chidori for example,even though It's used by Sasuke at his Genin rank,It's a B Rank jutsu,Sasuke was only able to learn it quickly because of his Sharingan,you will only be able to learn higher Ranked jutsus depending on your Kekkei Genkai.


"Ok ok,I heard you and all that boring crap,can we get to fighting now?"

-Well,if you want to fight,you must first challenge someone by creating a blog with for example: "I challenge Hitler!!"
Hitler will then reply to that blog accepting or refusing,if accepted then the ninjas will Roleplay in that blog and the winner will be decided by various factors such as:

+ Length of your posts
+ Quality of each post
+ Fairplay
+ Criativity,and how awesome you make the battle be

REMEMBER,due to certain conflicts,you don't win depending on your character's outcome! So if you overpower your character and win,the winner will still be the other Roleplayer. What's evaluated here are your RP skills,your character's outcome counts,but much less :thumbsup:
So in the end,It's pure RP fun

-You can also battle in our official chat here… ,which may also be used for casual Roleplay.


So here are some stuff resumed for you,of what you can do in the group:

Create your character,submitting it to our CPs folder. Tutorial:

Browse our blogs for some interesting stuff on how to make your character even more badass.

Challenge someone from our Character List (its in the blogs,you should make sure that person is active by the way,or you'll create a dead blog.

Submit art and other customizable activities that won't just be fun,but will develop your character.









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x-LittleOne-x Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been a member of this place since 2010 and I don't think I've ever submitted anything o.O Guess I can submit a few things, then. Once I figure out how. :'D
Jamesnomoon Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012
So, I've got a couple of questions, if thats not a problem. First is the issue of Clan. In the rules it states that you can only "create" a Clan at Jounin rank, but in the character creation rules next to Clan it indicates "Pick one or create your own". If that could be clarified I would be grateful. Also, in submitting Deviations is only drawn art considered, or are written works allowed? I can't draw for toffee, and prefer to write. Finally, how does roleplay happen here? I'd be in this for the roleplay, to be honest, and I'm interested in how you go about it in terms of medium used. Finally, how "interesting" are OC backgrounds allowed to be? The character I'm considering is actually a mashup of an old idea of mine (to incorporate the Genin starting rank rule), and I'm wondering how flexible the "storyline" is. Which brings up the quiet question of where in the timeline this is set, and whether knowledge or (distant) relationships with canon cast is feasable. Sorry for the length of post and myriad of questions.
ArmPhonse Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012
well for starters, if you're here for the role playing don't get your hops up because not many people seem to participate (although i would be more than happy to :D)
as for 'interesting' the only limit is your imagination (how corny lol)
written works are perfectly fine (im like you, can't draw for peanuts)
as for your clan question you just need to pick a clan and after reaching jounin then you can make your own (ill fix that up ^^;)
HighClouds Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm surprised to see you're still tending to this old, badly organized idea of mine from 2 years back. :lmao: (yep, I'm Hyuuga-Kixx)

deviantArt is not really the best platform to get this sort of RP going (I think). The system is not simple and easy enough and the whole protocol on how to RP is unclear. It's hard to organize a RP in this group system dA made up.

You've done a great job on keeping this up, though. I'm surprised! :meow:
ArmPhonse Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
nahh! it was a great idea, just kinda unorganized haha
thanks tho :D
(1 Reply)
TomoyoKururugi Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2011
Thanks for accepting me! Hope it is not easily thrown the club or at least quickly: P

I will try to give my opinion on some decisions and I pay attention to everything I write! : D

I joined this club to share a taste and hopefully we can hang out ... : D thank god I have a good humor ....!!

and no more to say I hope fun! : D and sorry for the English ... try to improve it but not sure: P


PS: Thanks again!
ArmPhonse Featured By Owner May 16, 2011
that's ok!
your english is very good so don't worry Tomoyo.


hehe, I know some Japanese


hope we can be good friends
Holy-Hyphen Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011
I don't want the new deviations to be posted to my inbox. Please stop it. I left the group just because of that, It's so irritating. I don't want to see what anyone did, I don't care. Ban me, or do whatever, I just don't want to get any other DeviantWATCH mails.!!!!
ArmPhonse Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
If you don't want to recive updates, simply change the watch option or just unwatch us :L
Holy-Hyphen Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2011
I have already unwatched you :L
The reason why I wrote this down here is because I recieve them even though I unwatched you.. Just stop it!
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